You may have noticed some automotive ads coming from the larger cities in the area with claims of huge savings and ridiculous deals. It has always been a ploy of the larger dealers to lure shoppers into their stores with these “hooks”. But you need to look a little deeper into the deals to see if it’s a good deal or just another way of getting you in the door.

When it comes to Ford and their incentives, they are based on your zip code. So if the dealer in the larger city says that they can do this or do that for you, they usually don’t realize or fail to mention that those deals are for a zip code in their neighborhood. Once you’re in the door, they will ask for your zip code. Then the realization that you won’t be able to get the same incentives gives you a cold slap. But since you’ve driven that far, we can do something else based on your own incentives. Usually, it’s not the best deal available.

A prime example of this happened earlier this summer here. I had a customer looking for a new vehicle here in the area. After talking to us, he wanted to expand his horizons and see what else was out there. He contacted a dealer in one of the largest cities in Iowa (that’s as far as I will go). They told him that they can do this and that for him, and that he should come down to see what they have. They had a vehicle that was close to what he wanted to find. Of course, when I followed up with him, he told me what he had heard from the other dealer.

When I heard that, I decided to check out what rebates and incentives were available to him here and compared them to what he was able to get down there. In reality, when it was all said and done, the difference in price was minimal and we were able to get him 0% financing here. He wasn’t able to get that financing offer from them.

Needless to say, he saved the money to drive several hours away and came here to buy the vehicle that he truly wanted. It had the extras that he wanted, but it also didn’t have the extras that weren’t desired and which raised the price.

Granted, a dealership the size of Bob Boland Ford may not have the largest selection of vehicles available. So how do we compete with the “big boys”? We have to provide an exemplary level of customer service. We live in the area, and we will see our customers in the general public quite often. We’re not going to hide behind a tree or duck into a building when we see you in the street. We want to be able to greet you and see how you are doing. What are the odds of getting that from a big city dealership?

So, next time you hear about all of these great deals at the larger dealers, make sure you’re getting the best deal and the right deal. In reality, the better deal may be right here in the place that claims, “Keep Rollin’ with Boland!” Come to Bancroft and let us prove it to you!

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