E vs G UPDATE (12/2)


I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that you ate to your heart’s content! We had a great holiday in the Ledyard area, but I had to hobble around the house using crutches after having foot surgery on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. After putting up with a broken bone in your foot for 11 years that never healed properly, it is a small price to pay to get that pain eliminated.

Now I told you that I had information on a St. Louis trip. I went down to the Arch City for some training, and I actually got to use another 2013 Ford Taurus. It is an SEL model with the regular 3.5L V-6 engine that uses unleaded fuel only. It is still for sale on our website. The stock number is 9288, but I digress. Let’s get back to why we are here…

I filled up here in Bancroft, and it almost got me to St. Louis. I had to fill up in Troy, Missouri. Here are the stats for that fill:

Fuel used: 16.214 gallons

Cost of fuel (E-10)/gallon: $2.889

Cost of fuel used: $46.84

Miles: 449.3

Cost per mile: 10.42 cents/mile

Miles per gallon: 27.71

Of course, what drives down, must be driven back…I made to St. Louis and then all the way back to Clear Lake, Iowa. I stopped there about 11:00 at night and refilled:

Fuel used: 16.391 gallons

Cost of fuel (E-10)/gallon: $2.879

Cost of fuel used: $47.19

Miles: 469.0

Cost per mile: 10.13 cents/mile

Miles per gallon: 28.61

This trip was much more open road driving. It was two lane driving from Bancroft to Clear Lake, and then it was four lanes on the Avenue of the Saints the rest of the way. With a 65 mph speed limit, I tried to stay around 70-72 mph to keep from seeing the red lights in the rear view mirror. I had a tail wind blowing me down the first day and a tail wind blowing me back the next day. So I was lucky in that aspect.

I will catch up with my regular Taurus later this week…happy driving!





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