E vs G UPDATE (12/3)

Since I have taken care of the St. Louis trip, I can get back to my car and its stats…

I got away from my area when I filled the next tank of fuel, and I had no idea where the closest E-85 station was located in northwest Iowa. So I had to use a tank of unleaded fuel (E-10). Here are the stats:

Fuel used: 17.207 gallons

Cost of fuel (E-10)/gallon: $2.869

Cost of fuel used: $49.21

Miles: 400.7

Cost per mile: 12.28 cents/miles

Miles per gallon: 23.29

In comparison to my previous blog post, most of the miles on this tank and the tanks coming up was just routine driving in the area within a 40 mile radius. There wasn’t a lot of over the road driving. Also, the weather is getting colder and colder, so there may be a little difference in the results.

The next tank I went back to E-50 here in Bancroft. Here are the results for this tank:

Fuel used: 17.056 gallons

Cost of fuel (E-50)/gallon: $2.619

Cost of fuel used: $44.67

Miles: 347.7

Cost per mile: 12.84 cents/mile

Miles per gallon: 20.39

Finally, here is the information on the tank that was completed today:

Fuel used: 16.804 gallons

Cost of fuel (E-50)/gallon: $2.719

Cost of fuel used: $45.69

Miles: 323

Cost per mile: 14.15 cents/mile

Miles per gallon: 19.22

As you can see, there is a difference between using the different fuels. As we accumulate more data, then we can move into a more hypothetical scenario. Is there a price where it becomes more economical to use ethanol-based fuel in comparison to regular unleaded fuel? How does weather affect fuel economy? Does one fuel work better than another in these types of weather? Stay tuned and happy driving!

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