E vs. G UPDATE (12/16)

Here is an update on my fuel usage:

Since I had to make a longer trip, I needed to top off my tank to go to Mankato for the day. Here is the information on that tank, which was E-50:

Starting Odometer: 4209.3

Ending Odometer: 4394.4

Miles: 185.1

Fuel Used: 10.118 gallons

Price/gallon: $2.719/gallon

Cost of fuel: $27.51

Cost per mile: 14.87 cents/mile

Miles per gallon: 18.29

This past Friday, it was time to fill up again with E-50. Here is what I found:

Starting Odometer: 4394.4

Ending Odometer: 4722.3

Miles: 327.9

Fuel Used: 17.327 gallons

Price/gallon: $2.719/gallon

Cost of fuel: $47.11

Cost per mile: 14.36 cents/mile

Miles per gallon: 18.92

Now doing a little more research on ethanol blends, I found this information on this website:


A Note on Terminology: Flex Fuel and E85

“E85” is thought by many to denote a vehicle fuel containing 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. However, the ethanol portion of the blend must contain, by law, at least 2% denaturant (a hydrocarbon or hydrocarbons in the gasoline boiling range). Therefore, E85 actually contains 83% ethanol at most. Furthermore, in cold weather conditions, a greater percentage of gasoline is required in the blend to ensure reliable starting and driveability. In the coldest weather, as much as 49% gasoline is needed. In most U.S. climate zones, 30% gasoline is sufficient for much of the year. The latest ASTM specification, D5798-13a, specifies where and when the four different classes of fuel for FFVs should be used. Because of this variation in the ethanol percentage, many in research and industry have begun using the term “flex fuel” in lieu of “E85.”

So this will be the last tank of the E-50 that we will use for the rest of the winter. We will check back with E-50 when it warms up to see if there is a difference between the warmer and colder temperatures. We will try to stay with the E-10 and E-15 fuels for awhile. Happy driving!




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